A growing software development company dedicated to the future of our industry while remaining loyal to our roots in tax preparation and family values.

Tax and Bookkeeping Software Done Right.

Based out of Evans, Georgia TaxSlayer provides online tax preparation software for millions of Americans to electronically file their taxes. TaxSlayer originated in 1991 and is one of the few companies that participates in the IRS Free File Alliance. In addition, TaxSlayer has more recently developed bookkeeping and payroll software for small business professionals.


Our President, his brother and their business partner created a tech company out of a tax preparation business. That vision and ambition has inspired our developers to create intuitive, reliable, and secure tax and bookkeeping software products.


The proof is in our products, our customer service, and our employees. Use one of our products, contact our support center, or meet one of our many talented staff members and you will understand that we believe in quality.


We take pride in the work that we do and are very passionate about our products, services, and customers. We work as a team across all functions of our business to create and support our products and to ensure an efficient and pleasurable user experience.


Work hard. Play hard.

TaxSlayer employees are very focused and productive working in teams, and sometimes when our work is finished we choose to take the team building outside.

Built upon hard work & dedication to our customers

TaxSlayer Mission Statement

To provide our customers with a REMARKABLE customer experience and provide
our fellow employees with a REMARKABLE career experience.